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Derek Carr’s Post-Game Interview Is One Every Christian Should Listen To

“What a day! On to the next one! Praise God through it all! #RaiderNation,” Carr posted on his Instagram page below an image of him and his teammates praying.

Derek Carr’s Testimony

Although Carr grew up in a Christian home and regularly attended church, he said he hadn’t surrendered his life to Christ.

In a video where Carr gives his testimony, the quarterback says God used a friend — who is now his wife, Heather — to help bring him to a point of fully surrendering his life to Jesus. Heather, who thought Derek was a devoted Christian, saw him living in a way contrary to what he said he believed, and she decided to write him a letter about it.

“I remember at that moment, I felt so selfish. I felt so arrogant. I felt so cocky. But I was still a nice, genuine person. But all of a sudden, all these feelings came upon me,” Derek said after reading Heather’s letter. “I got down my knees, and it was finally that time where God kind of put his foot down on my throat and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got special plans for you, and you’re screwing it up.’”

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He then apologized to Heather for the way he had been acting toward her and for not living as he should. Before their next game, Derek recalls telling his college teammates that he had been calling himself a Christian but wasn’t living like it. He said he asked God for forgiveness and was committed to living out his life as a Christian.

Soon after, Derek and Heather started dating. They got married in 2012. They have four children, three boys and a girl born in November 2020.