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Kanye West’s Thanksgiving Prayer Goes Viral; Ye Admits He Was a ‘Self-Righteous Christian’

Kanye West
Photo from Instagram: @kanyewest

This year on Thanksgiving, Kanye West, who is now known as Ye, posted a 5-minute prayer to Instagram that not only gain over 3 million views but expresses what he feels some Christians need to hear.

In the video, West recited his prayer over audio of the Sunday Service choir singing “Puer (You Reign Forever),” and the prayer is very vulnerable. The prayer West recites could be understood as meant for his fans or perhaps taken as his personal prayer to God confessing sin, and asking for God’s help.

Either way, West pleads to God that his wife Kim Kardashian would come back to him. West said that he thinks every day about how to get his family back together again, and that he takes responsibility for the pain he has caused them.

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Many Christians could probably relate to West, as he confessed his struggles with alcohol, describing how he would drink in order to “take the stress away and knock the edge off,” but also how it affected his health and those around him because of the way it increased his “hair trigger” temper.

West confessed that he allows his ego to become overbearing instead of strictly a motivator for his artistry. The “Jesus Is King” musician said, “There are ways to show confidence without arrogance,” then admitting that his temper resulted in screaming that didn’t help keep his family together.

West told God that he was a “self-righteous Christian” when he first came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, explaining that his already sinful nature made him a Molotov cocktail, just ready to be thrown at whoever disagreed with him. “I was arrogant with my Jesus,” West said. “Like I just got me some Jesus at the Gucci store with a stimulus check.”

The successful entrepreneur also talked about his finances and how he has spent money like “crazy,” but wants to be responsible. West made a Biblical analogy, referring to himself as the priest of his household, saying, “As the priest of my home, I must watch my own money and secure our finances.”

“I’m thankful for the family that my wife has given me. I’m thankful for the life that God has given me,” West began his closing.

Then West concluded by thanking God for His time, attention, and patience.

Kanye West’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Read West’s prayer in its entirety below:

Hello my name is Ye and this is my super, super, super, super, super long Thanksgiving prayer. On this Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful for family. My blood family, my fans, and our haters—we love you too. On Thanksgiving, on Christmas morning, not the night before, not the day before, just the morning. We’re thankful for our current civilization of 8 billion people, our ancestors and our children. I’m writing this prayer on my way back from taking my mini me to his first football game. Saint got to play catch with Tom Brady before the game; this is a god’s dream. My mini me is a mix of two of my favorite things, me and my wife’s face. All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I’ve caused. I take accountability for my actions. New word alert…misactions.