Home Christian News Sean Feucht Says HarperCollins Cancelled New Book Because of His Political Views

Sean Feucht Says HarperCollins Cancelled New Book Because of His Political Views

The worship leader shared that his book is about boldness and courage with regard to his journey from the last couple of years and asked, “Why is there so much resistance to this message?”

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“I thought that it was so ironic that they would cancel a book on boldness and courage because they didn’t have the boldness and courage to publish it,” Feucht laughed. “The irony is so rich here—it’s so rich.”

“More than that or the publisher, I’m must thinking about the spiritual elements that don’t want us to have this message. And how even this message of boldness and courage would be controversial. The book isn’t actually really political at all; it’s just talking about our faith and how we’ve got to stand up for our faith.”

Feucht said that it would be amazing if his followers would pray with him, saying, “I really want to get God’s heart on what to do.” He shared that, in his spirit, he feels that he is “stewarding something that is going to bless a lot of people and free a lot of people.”

The musician likened this process to walking through a fire, saying, “Even in the process of writing this message, I’m walking through the fire of how to steward and stay bold and courageous in the midst of this, ’cause these are big dogs, man, that are coming after us. I don’t want to demonize people. It’s powers and principalities that don’t want the message to go out, but I feel like this is the call. This is the cry that we need to hear and what we need to release in 2022.”

“I would really love your prayers,” Feucht said as he concluded his video.

A day later, Feucht posted follow-up video titled, “Update on cancelation and how you can help,” and said that his book was cancelled because of his Christian beliefs and conservative values. Feucht called HarperCollins’ dispute “unbelievable” and said that lawyers and interviewers are “dumbfounded” after hearing about it, because “no one has ever heard of a situation like this.”

Feucht said his video messages keep getting banned on Instagram and asked his followers to join his mailing list via text message.

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Asking people to pray for his situation, Feucht said, “There are Christians around the world that are facing real persecution—not like the cancellation of a book deal—they’re facing intense situations…I am in no way trying to play the victim in this situation. But I do feel like it’s important for us to realize that there’s powers and principalities that want to silence the voice of the church; that want to silence the voice of people that want to believe in the Bible; that want to silence the voice of people that believe in family values—people that believe that the unborn should not be sacrificed in America.”