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Sean Feucht Says HarperCollins Cancelled New Book Because of His Political Views

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Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Former Bethel Church worship leader, musician, and “Let Us Worship” founder, Sean Feucht, announced this week that world-leading publisher HarperCollins cancelled his upcoming book deal. Feucht alleged that the cancellation was because of his Christian beliefs and political views.

“Just got a call from my book publisher @HarperCollins and they are canceling my book because of my political views,” Feucht wrote on Twitter. “This is nuts!!!”

In 2020, Feucht ran for congress on the Republican ticket, attempting to win a seat at California’s 3rd congressional district table. He received 14 percent of the vote and placed third in the primaries. The musician and political activist then started a movement called “Hold the Line,” which was birthed out of his congressional run. The movement seeks to “rally the global church to engage their civic duty—to vote and stand up for causes of righteousness and justice in the governmental arena.”

During the latter half of 2020, Feucht organized worship concerts to protest government lockdowns, with the focus of bringing revival to cities across America. The movement was called “Let Us Worship” and attracted thousands of people who gathered together to sing worship and praise the name of Jesus.

Let Us Worship” events have visited over 130 cities and, according to Feucht, have seen people getting saved, healed, and delivered.

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The political activist has also been known for standing up for those whom he believes are being censored by social media platforms and canceled by culture for voicing opinions that others don’t want the world to hear.

In 2021, Feucht didn’t back down from former Southern Baptist Convention member Beth Moore after she criticized unvaccinated and unmasked Christians on Twitter, telling them to wear a mask if they aren’t going to get vaccinated. Moore told Christians that wearing a mask will save others lives and compared doing so to following Jesus.

Feucht replied to Moore saying, “Because ‘following Jesus’ equates to getting an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survivable rate?! I believe Jesus stepped INTO people’s sickness, fear and heartache bringing healing and hope. That’s truly loving your neighbor. Not hiding in fear & self-preservation.”

Feucht shared a video on Instagram, which he captioned “A message the enemy doesn’t want us to hear,” and said that Instagram kept taking his video down. “It’s been a crazy day. Thank you so much for those of you that’ve reached out, standing with us, praying with us—you guys are amazing,” Feucht told his followers.

“I’m going to keep posting this until Instagram does not take it down anymore,” Feucht said laughingly. “So, been working on this book. Signed an agreement with the second largest publisher in the world—I think—HarperCollins. We’ve been working on it for three months together. [We] have an agreement [and] had it signed. [We’re] pretty far into this process and we were just notified today that they’re cancelling it.”