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Sean Feucht Announces ‘God Is BIGGER Than Cancel Culture’ With New Book Deal

Sean Feucht
Screengrab via Instagram @seanfeucht

Less than a week after sharing that HarperCollins Publishing cancelled their agreement, Sean Feucht announced that he signed a book deal with Regnery Publishing.

Regnery Publishing was founded in 1947 and, according to their website, they are the country’s leading publisher of conservative books that focus on challenging the status quo, sparking debate, and igniting conversations regarding the issues and questions we face as a country.

Feucht slammed cancel culture as he posted on Instagram, saying, “God is BIGGER than cancel culture,” and sharing a screenshot from Amazon pre-order listing for his upcoming book “Bold: Moving Forward in Faith Not Fear.” The “Let Us Worship” singer’s book is slated to be released on July 26, 2022.

“Pleased to announce a new and more favorable book deal with Regnery Publishing! ONLY GOD COULD DO THIS,” Feucht wrote. “You can preorder my new book ‘BOLD: Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear’ with the link in bio!!!! It would be the most AMAZING blessing!!!”

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The Amazon description for Feucht’s upcoming book reads, “The Bible tells Christians to expect persecution—and those pressures are daily rising in our culture. How do we respond with faith rather than fear to cancel culture and weaponized media narratives?”

The description then gives the answer, saying, “Being filled with and following the Holy Spirit as the early Church did in the Book of Acts. This is the only force powerful enough to turn riots into revivals, darkness into light, hardship into triumph, and fear into bold faith.”

Feucht shared a video that included his excited family surrounding him near the ocean as he signed the Regnery Publishing book deal. Feucht called the moment a historic event for his family, because it was the largest book deal he’s ever signed. Feucht exclaimed, “God is faithful!”

In a different video, Feucht can be seen holding the newly signed contract while saying, “I want to dedicate this moment to HarperCollins.”

“I’m not trolling them—I’m dead serious,” Feucht said. “I want to thank them, because without their resistance to cancel this book, I would not have this renewed fire to really get this message out. I think that sometimes the resistance that we face only proves that what we’re carrying is really valuable. So, thank you for helping.”

In the caption of the Instagram post, Feucht wrote, “God will even use those who are against you to strengthen your message and resolve! It’s part of His process to refine us.”

Over the weekend, Feucht led worship at a church in Phoenix and told his followers on Instagram, “If you can go to Costco, you can go to Church. It’s time to get back together. It’s time to resist the fear. This is not political, it’s biblical. The future of the church is NOT online (although I love live-streaming).”