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Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another Woman Comes Forward Against John Lowe’s Son

Jessi Kline
(L) Photo courtesy of Jessi Kline (R) Screengrab via Facebook @Jessi Kline

Another alleged survivor from New Life Christian Church and World Outreach in Warsaw, Indiana, released a statement less than 24 hours after the church’s pastor, John Lowe II, confessed to an adulteress relationship 20 years ago—a confession that seconds later was corrected by the woman he allegedly sexually abused.

Survivor Jessi Kline posted the statement on Facebook, alleging that Lowe’s son, Jeremy, molested her when he babysat for her and her brother when they were “young, prepubescent children.”

The New Life Christian Church and World Outreach announced on Monday, May 23, that their pastor had resigned. The church has also announced that they have shut down all social media and will communicate with their members via text message.

Kline’s statement appeared after a video clip of pastor Lowe went viral, wherein he confessed before his congregation to what he called an adulterous relationship that occurred 20 years ago. The video then captured Lowe’s presumed survivor unexpectedly taking the stage with her husband to correct the pastor’s lies. The woman alleged to the congregation that Lowe had sexually abused her for nine years and that it started when she was just 16 years old.

In her own statement, Kline said, “[Jeremy] sent my brother upstairs to get him something to drink.” That is when the pastor’s son “proceeded to have me get on top of him and molest me” in the dark basement of her home.

After molesting the young Kline, Jeremy allegedly instructed her not to tell anyone, or she would “get in trouble.” She said her molester told her that the pastor of her church would “get mad” at her, physically threatening her if she said anything.

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“I was so scared, and I didn’t understand because I was a child,” Kline explained.

Kline shared that when she was 13 years old, she told a friend from the church’s youth group what had happened. At the time, the youth group was pastored by Lowe’s other son, Bryan, who is currently the church’s associate pastor.

The survivor’s friend told a youth leader, who immediately grabbed Kline’s parents from the adult service they were attending to speak to them. The couple then shared the details of what took place in their basement several years ago between their young daughter and the pastor’s son.

After being told what happened, pastor Lowe, his wife and co-pastor Debra, and Bryan “were not surprised,” according to Kline’s statement. They called their son, the abuser, into the room, where he confessed to molesting Kline.

The pastors told the Klines that they would take “any action necessary.” However, they told the family “not to go to the police,” because they’d handle the sexual abuse internally. They quoted scripture in their appeal.