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‘God Is Great’: NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry Gives Glory to God After Golden State Warriors Win Championship

Steph Curry
Screengrab via YouTube @NBA

Steph Curry now has an NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award to add to his two NBA Most Valuable Player Awards after his team, the Golden State Warriors, won their fourth NBA Championship title last Thursday (June 16).

The Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in six games after a hard fought battle where both teams showcased their defensive skills, which featured the Celtics Jayson Tatum.

Tatum is one of the NBA’s elite players and is also unashamed to share why he plays the game of basketball. “If you put God First anything is possible,” Tatum’s Twitter description reads. “Philippians 4:13–I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me!!! In Jesus name i Play.”

After the Warriors won game six, clinching the best of seven series, an emotional Curry told a sideline reporter that he thanks God that he gets to play the game of basketball at the highest level.

“I’m so proud of our group,” Curry said. “I thank God every day that I get to play this game at the highest level with some amazing people. You know that this is what it’s all about—for a championship—and we’ve been through it the last few years. At the beginning of the season, nobody thought we’d be here, except everybody on this court right now. It’s amazing! It’s very surreal.”

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In the 2019-2020 season, the Warriors only won 15 games after making the NBA Finals the previous five seasons, claiming the title three times. Key players suffered multiple injuries, including half of its dynamic “Splash Brothers” duo, Klay Thompson, whose injuries took him out of the game for two years.

“God is great,” Curry said during the press conference after the Warriors won the championship. “The ability to be on this stage and play with amazing teammates against a great Boston Celtics team that gave us everything to try to get to the finish line—this [championship] hits different for sure.”

Earlier in June, Curry appeared on Dove Award winning artist Tauren Wells‘ podcast “The High Note” in an episode titled “Stephen Curry Changed the Game for Good.” During the podcast, Curry shared how he came to Christ and credited his parents, especially his mother, for instilling a strong biblical foundation into his life.

Curry said he plays for “an audience of One” and described his journey as his own. “I’ve been given this position, these challenges, these skills, this attitude and point of view on life, and God doesn’t make any mistakes with anything that happens in my life and I rock with it,” the NBA superstar told Wells.

The Currys are passing down the importance of Christ to their kids, Curry shared, specifically explaining that their identity is found not in the accomplishments of their world-renown parents but in Jesus.