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Preston Perry Defends Himself, Jackie Hill Perry, Against Criticism for Not Celebrating Roe’s Demise

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Screenshot from Instagram / preston_n_perry

After being criticized as cowardly for not celebrating Roe v. Wades recent demise, Preston Perry is pushing back and clarifying his stance. In two lengthy videos posted to Instagram this week, the Christian performing artist says he and his wife, author and artist Jackie Hill Perry, are under attack on social media for not saying “amen” to the June 24 Supreme Court abortion ruling.

Preston Perry emphasizes that he and his wife have always believed “life starts at conception” and “human beings don’t have the right to take a life.” Jackie has written numerous blogs about abortion, and Preston has composed poems about the topic. “There’s no way we’re cowards,” he says, adding that his wife’s entire ministry “consists of doing hard things.”

In this week’s videos, Preston Perry talks about the “nuance” and “bigger context” of abortion, which he’s able to see because of his community and experiences.

Preston Perry: Abortion ‘Not As Black and White As You Think’

Preston Perry repeatedly says he’d like all abortions to end. But he adds it’s “heartbreaking for people to not understand there’s nuance.” Abortion is “not as black and white as you think,” he tells viewers. He says he lacks confidence in the government “protecting mothers” and in politicians who “will work to keep the conservative vote but not to serve the people this law will affect.”

Abortion is a “holistic human life thing,” says Perry, and “it’s really not about babies.” Urging viewers to “stop being fake,” he clarifies, “Yes, abortion is wrong. But I do think the church and this country has to figure out how do we serve these mothers” who are in tough situations and afraid.

“There is a particular lament that we should have,” Perry says, for people who are fearful and for marginalized women who lack resources and support. Black women, he notes, are often scared of hospitals and labor due to higher maternal mortality rates. Rejecting the notion that he’s making excuses, Perry says, “It’s a big difference between a Christian wanting to see abortion ended but also having been face to face with lives that are affected by abortion.”

When issues are outside our own community and bubble, we don’t think about them, he says. “It’s easy to vote; it’s not easy to put yourself in other people’s shoes.” Perry encourages viewers to learn about and support The Whole Life Project, which has a holistic goal of ending abortion while serving mothers.

Preston Perry Discusses Abortion and Social Justice

Addressing abortion isn’t necessarily “brave” for him and his wife, Perry says, because they have a “large white conservative Christian following.” What’s brave for them, he says, is speaking out about social justice, which their audience doesn’t like to hear about.