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Submit to Husband and Make Pancakes If Asked, Pastor Tells Wives

Hold Fast
Screenshot from YouTube / @Hold Fast Baptist Church

Based on his reading of the Bible, Pastor Jared Pozarnsky says wives need to be prepared to change up their meal plans at short notice. In a June 24 video clip, the California preacher explains passages from Ephesians and Acts, saying wives are “to be subjected to their husbands in everything.”

Marital submission isn’t “popular today,” says Pozarnsky, pastor of Hold Fast Baptist Church in Fresno. But the Bible leaves “a lot of things” up to the husband. “If I came home and my wife had a whole meal on the table and I said, ‘I want pancakes.’ And she’s like ‘Oh man, but I’ve already made hamburgers.’ And I’m just like, ‘I just have to have pancakes right now.’ Look, she should make pancakes,” he says.

Hold Fast Pastor Jared Pozarnsky: That Would Be ‘A Jerk Thing’ To Do

Pozarnsky followed up that statement by admitting, “That would be kind of a jerk thing for me to do, and I wouldn’t do that.” During his 23 years of marriage, he says he’s never done anything like that. “But the point is, the husband is in charge of everything. And if I want pancakes over hamburgers, that’s not against what the Bible says.”

The Hold Fast pastor continued: “There’s no sheriff that’s going to come over and tell my wife to make pancakes if she doesn’t listen to me. If she won’t make pancakes and is like ‘No, eat your hamburger.’ And I’m like, well that’s not correct according to the Bible. Look, there’s no law that’s going to enforce that for me.”

Hold Fast describes itself as “an independent, fundamental, soul winning, separated, King James Bible-believing Baptist church – and not ashamed to say so.” Earlier this year, Pozarnsky ruffled some feathers by saying that women’s sports were “being taken over by a bunch of homosexual men.”

‘Pancakes? I’ll Give You Pancakes’

Online reaction to Pozarnsky’s pancakes comment was swift and critical. Hemant Mehta, founder of the Friendly Atheist website, tweeted the video clip with this caption: “Christian hate-preacher Jared Pozarnsky says wives must obey their husbands… even for the pettiest of reasons.”

In the replies, people write, “This sort of thing makes me so glad I’m not a Christian,” “He definitely hits his wife,” and “Stop giving them the oxygen of publicity.” One woman writes, “Pancakes? I’ll give you pancakes. Pay no mind to the explosive diarrhea in the morning. That’s just God’s will.”