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Hollywood Has an Agenda To Attack Manhood, Christian Values, Says ‘Tokyo Drift’ Star

lucas black
Screenshot from YouTube / @Real Life Lucas Black

“There’s a definite agenda” in Hollywood to attack Christian and family values, says Lucas Black, who has starred in “NCIS: New Orleans” and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Black pursued his newest film, “Legacy Peak,” which is out on Pure Flix, in order to point people to Jesus and present a positive view of manhood.

“You’ve seen such an attack on those values, Christian values, family values, but there’s been a big attack on men and masculinity,” said Black in an interview on The Prodigal Stories Podcast. “The fatherhood role has been undermined in a lot of stories” in Hollywood, said the actor, who sees “Legacy Peak,” as “an answer to combat that.” 

Lucas Black’s Journey in Hollywood

Lucas Black got his start in entertainment when he was cast at age 10 in the movie, “The War,” starring Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood. But it was being cast in the film, “Sling Blade,” that really jump started Black’s career. Black said that he did one movie per year during high school so he could be at home and have a “normal life.” 

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“Just been blessed by God for that to continue as an adult,” he said. As far as his faith background, Black grew up in a Christian family that attended church. He trusted in Jesus at age 5, but in his 20s, he strayed from his faith. “I was doing the Christian walk alone,” he said. “That is hard to do.” Black had no accountability and few godly men in his life. Then he got intentional about his spiritual walk, realizing, “I believe these things, but I haven’t even read the Bible.”

So Black started reading the New Testament. “I was convicted a lot by the Holy Spirit,” he said, and his spiritual life was renewed. This happened around 2015, and Black subsequently began trying to figure out his purpose and calling as it related to entertainment.

Lucas Black was cast in “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2014 and said he had a “good, long run” before he left the show in 2019 after doing 125 episodes. He shared that being on the show was an “eye opener for me” and during that time the Holy Spirit prompted him to “be bold” and speak out against some of the agendas that were being promoted, such as attacks on the family and law enforcement. “I learned a lot,” he said.

Regarding how his colleagues responded to the stand he took, Black said, “As a whole, most of them respected it.” Nevertheless, he added, “There’s a definite agenda to attack some of my beliefs, you know, and some of your beliefs as a Christian.”