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Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff on Sex, Singleness and How Farting Helps Prepare You for Marriage

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On the latest episode of the WHOA That’s Good podcast, Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian Huff, compiled their best relationship advice touching on a range of topics, including singleness, boundaries in dating, and how farting in front of a significant other can help prepare someone for marriage.

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Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff on Relationships

Sadie Robertson Huff is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In addition to starring in “Duck Dynasty,” Huff appeared on Season 19 of “Dancing with the Stars,” where she was a runner-up. She married her husband, Christian Huff, in November 2019, and on May 11, 2021, the couple welcomed their daughter, Honey James Huff, into the world. 

At the beginning and end of the podcast episode, Sadie emphasized that viewers should feel free to disregard any advice she and Christian give if it is not helpful. “Throw it out the window,” she said.

The Huffs addressed a number of questions covering singleness, dating, engagement and marriage. Regarding how people can be intentional while they are single, Christian said, “For me it was really just prayer and just building a community of good guys around me.” He was intentional about spending time in community and with God and believes these priorities helped prepare him for a relationship. “You were becoming the man that you wanted to be,” Sadie agreed.

For her part, Sadie said she wished she had focused on enjoying being single while she was in that season. When asked what she would say to her younger self who felt she would never find the right person, she responded, “I would tell my younger self to chillllll, girl. Just chill.” Sadie believes she was too obsessed with who her husband would be and wishes she would have trusted that God had someone for her who would come at the right time, as her husband eventually did. “I just wish I would have enjoyed the season I was in a little bit more,” she said.

The Huffs addressed several questions related to dating, such as how to respond when someone ghosts another person. The couple clarified that it is not ghosting if someone has a good reason not to be able to respond. Rather, they defined “ghosting” as a person being unresponsive for long periods of time, such as weeks or months. 

“Move on, girl,” said Christian. “Most ghostings I’ve seen, it’s manipulation.” Sadie concurred, telling women that they deserve guys who respond to them and do not play games with them. “You are worth more than that,” she said.