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‘Ideal for the Patriots’—Donald Trump Jr. Promotes ‘We the People Bible’

donald trump jr.
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Donald Trump Jr., the eldest child of former president Donald Trump, is promoting the recently released “We The People Bible,” marketed as “ideal for the patriots who believe it is time to give America back to God.” A video of Trump Jr. promoting the Bible has gotten over 2 million views on Twitter as of this writing. 

“With American Judeo-Christian values under attack, there could be no better time than to re-up our commitment to America and to the Christian values that this country was founded on,” says Trump Jr. in the video, adding that the We The People Bible was made, printed and assembled in the United States. “You’re gonna love it, and I think the people in your life probably need it too.” 

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Donald Trump Jr. made headlines in December 2021 for disparaging Jesus’ command to “turn the other cheek.” While speaking at Turning Point USA’s 2021 AmericaFest in Phoenix, Trump Jr. said, “We’ve turned the other cheek. And I understand. I understand sort of the biblical reference. I understand the mentality. But it’s gotten us nothing, okay? It’s gotten us nothing.”

Donald Trump Jr.: ‘Faith Is Being Targeted’

The website for the We The People Bible says it was released “just before” the 2022 midterms. The site features a picture of Donald Trump Jr., executive vice president of The Trump Organization, and quotes him saying, “Faith is being targeted and our country’s founding beliefs are being targeted. The ‘We The People Bible’ is restoring what there is an attempt to remove. Preservation of Faith, preservation of America.” ChurchLeaders has reached out to We the People Bible representatives for comment and for clarity about Trump Jr.’s relationship with the site. 

According to the We The People Bible website,

The We The People Bible was designed with the patriot in mind and features a vertical reversed American flag design that represents a country in distress. Our bible is proudly made in the USA and has been designed with large print that delivers an easy reading experience to anyone looking to explore the tried-and-true King James (KJV) translation.

Included in the We The People Bible are copies of the Pledge of Allegiance, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The Bible costs $79.99, and the website has other patriotic items for sale as well, including a We The People t-shirt, a We The People / In God We Trust hat, and an In God We Trust Challenge coin. People can buy these and other items in different combinations, such as the Patriot Bundle, the Liberty Bundle or the Save America Bundle.

Other ‘Patriotic’ Bibles

The We The People Bible is not the only Bible of its kind. The Founders’ Bible, for example, features a copy of the New American Standard translation of the Bible, along with “over 1,000 pages of in-depth culturally relevant articles, insightful Biblical commentary from the Founders on a wide range of topics, and some of the most inspiring history of this nation’s founding and the destiny and purpose God intended.”