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‘That Is Not in the Bible’—Candace Cameron Bure and Tara-Leigh Cobble Discuss Untrue Sayings That Make Us Feel Good

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There are some common sayings some Christians believe that appear to be empowering, but are actually false, say Candace Cameron Bure and Tara-Leigh Cobble. The two women discussed this idea in a broader conversation about the Holy Spirit in the Jan. 18 episode of Bure’s podcast. 

“I don’t have any wisdom of my own,” explained Cobble, the creator and host of The Bible Recap, a podcast that helps people read through the Bible in a year. “Any wisdom that I speak to you or anybody else is given to me by God. It’s him at work in me and through me. Any comfort that I might offer anybody is meaningless if it all just terminates on some platitude I dreamed up.”

Bure agreed, saying, “And there’s no other way to know what that is unless you’re reading the Word of God.”

Candace Cameron Bure Talks With Tara-Leigh Cobble

Candace Cameron Bure and Tara-Leigh Cobble spent some time near the beginning of the podcast discussing experiences they have had where their faith came alive, such as when they visited certain parts of the world or spent time in worship with people in the global church.

As the two discussed the beauty of being encouraged by other believers through the Holy Spirit, they agreed that God’s Spirit must be at work in the encouragement for it to be worthwhile. “A lot of things sound really good when you see them on social media,” said Cobble, giving as an example the cliché, “God’s never going to give you more than you can handle.”

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“No,” said Cobble. “That is not in the Bible.” God does in fact give us more than we can handle and then gives us the power to make it through those situations with support from other believers. Cobble continued, “Those kind of platitudes that make us feel really empowered a lot of times are not accurate. They’re not biblically true. And that leads to a lot of despair when you feel like, ‘Oh man, I didn’t have enough faith to pull that off.’”

While some people emphasize the mysteriousness of the Holy Spirit, Cobble said she’s been encouraged to know that “what the Spirit does for a lot of us is clarify things. He teaches and he guides, and there’s clarity in teaching.”

Focusing on the fruit of the Spirit, Bure shared how the quality of kindness, always a value of hers, became even more important after her experience co-hosting “The View” for two years. 

“In front of the camera it can look like a hostile environment because it’s five opinionated women giving their opinions on very hot topics that are mostly political, sometimes religious topics and social topics,” said Bure, who added that she represented a perspective that was not really represented by the other women.