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‘Thank You Jesus!’—Perry Noble Gives Update on the Lump He Found on His Stomach

Perry Noble
Screenshot from Facebook / @Perry Noble

Perry Noble, senior pastor of Second Chance Church in Anderson, South Carolina, shared on Facebook today that a lump he found on his stomach three weeks ago is not cancerous.

“The lump is not cancerous (thank You Jesus!!),” Noble said in a Facebook post Monday morning. “At this point it is believed that it is either a fatty tumor or a clump of scar tissue!…Either way I would so appreciate your prayers as we try to get this thing out of me!!” 

Perry Noble Shares Health Update

Perry Noble is the founding pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. In July 2016, Noble was removed from leadership due to some “unfortunate decisions” involving alcohol abuse and a strained marriage. At the time, he received psychiatric help and entered rehab. After completing rehab, Noble returned to the pulpit only seven months after being fired from NewSpring, speaking at Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church in February 2017. 

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About a month prior to speaking at Elevation, Noble explained in a Facebook video that his mother had only lived to age 49, and he cited his concerns about also dying early as reason to get on with the work that God has called him to do. 

In November of 2017, Noble announced that he was divorcing Lucretia, his wife of 17 years, and that December, he made another significant announcement: he was starting a new church called Second Chance Church. Several years later, Noble remarried, wedding Shannon Repokis in May 2021.

On Sunday, March 19, while preaching a sermon on the importance of gratitude, Perry Noble told his congregation that three weeks earlier he was getting dressed for church Sunday morning when he discovered a lump on his stomach. He called his doctor, who said he needed an ultrasound and a CT scan, so he set up the appointments.

The pastor got the tests done last Tuesday, only to have his doctor call as soon as he got home to tell him he needed to return to the hospital and get another CT scan, this time the one where they inject dye.

This news was understandably not what Noble wanted to hear, and he said that he immediately started thinking about the “worst case scenario,” particularly since at 51 years old, he has already passed the age when his mother died. “I freaked out. I just started melting down,” he said.