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New Film ‘The Blind’ Shows How God Saved ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch From Alcoholism

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Before Phil Robertson met Jesus, his life and marriage were being destroyed by his alcoholism and unfaithfulness. The inspiring true story of the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch is being told in the new film, “The Blind,” whose official trailer recently dropped.

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“It’s embarrassing to think back to who I was for the first 10 years of my life with Miss Kay,” said Robertson in a recent Instagram post. “She’s the best friend a man could have aside from Jesus, and I love her. We never imagined they’d make a movie about our lives, but now we’re about to see The Blind on the big screen. Our prayer is that people will see it and know there’s hope. It’s never too late to be saved.”

Phil Robertson’s Story Depicted in ‘The Blind’ 

Phil Robertson is the creator of the Duck Commander, a patented duck call and the name of his multimillion dollar company. He and his family rose to fame through the reality show, “Duck Dynasty,” which aired on A&E from 2012 to 2017 and spawned several spin-offs. “Duck Dynasty” featured Phil and Kay, their sons Alan, Willie, Jase and Jep, and Phil’s brother, Si, among others. The episodes showed the family’s Christian faith and typically ended with them praying over meals. 

Phil was born in 1946 in rural Vivian, Louisiana, to a large family where money was tight. The family primarily lived off the land and “hunting became an important part of his formative years,” according to Phil’s website. Phil was a star athlete and made it to Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship, where he was the starting quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Phil ultimately did not pursue a professional career in football because he loved hunting more than the game. 

In 1964, Phil married Marsha Kay Carroway (“Miss Kay”) when he was 18 and she was 16. Kay has since revealed that the couple did not sign the legal paperwork for their marriage until 1968. The Robertsons have spoken openly about the “dark days” of their union, a period of time that lasted about 10 years. During that time, Phil owned a honky tonk and would fly into drunken rages. He has also admitted to cheating on Kay and has a daughter from one of his affairs. 

The trailer for “The Blind” (a play on words referring both to a lack of sight and to a shelter that conceals hunters) shows Phil and Kay meeting, getting married, and their subsequent marriage problems. In the trailer, Kay tells Si that Phil “becomes the devil” when he drinks. At one point, Phil even kicks Kay and their children out of the house, something that happened in real life.

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