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‘The Chosen’ Offers First Look at New Scene From Season 4 As Filming Wraps

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Screenshot from YouTube / @TheChosenSeries

The team behind “The Chosen,” the hit series based on the life of Jesus, is offering a first look at a new scene from Season 4 in celebration of wrapping this round of filming. The show recently ranked third on Prime Video’s most watched TV shows, falling behind “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and “Jack Ryan.”

“Whoa, #3 in the US on @PrimeVideo and still climbing,” the show tweeted on July 25. “We’re coming for you, Jim. Er, Jack.”

As of this writing, “The Chosen” is No. 4 on Amazon’s most watched TV shows.

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‘The Chosen’ Wraps Season 4

“The Chosen” was briefly impacted by the actors strike that began on Friday, July 14. In an update July 13, creator and director Dallas Jenkins explained that “The Chosen” had not been granted an exemption before the strike began and so had to pause filming on Season 4. However, after taking a break that Friday, the show was able to resume filming the following Monday, having been granted a waiver as requested. 

In an email the evening of Tuesday, July 25, “The Chosen” team announced that they were about to wrap filming on Season 4 and would be offering a first look at one of the season’s scenes. “Before we’re even done filming, Dallas already has a new scene to show you!” they said.

At 7:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 30, viewers can tune into a livestream that will run on Facebook, YouTube and The Chosen app. In addition to a first look at the new scene, there will be a Q&A with Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus on the show, some announcements, and discounts on merchandise. The livestream will disappear at midnight. 

“The Chosen” was recently featured on the cover of TV Guide and on July 16 premiered on the television network The CW. “Did you ever imagine a Jesus show would be on the cover of TV Guide?” the show tweeted. “This feels historic. Get used to different, indeed. This points people to the airing of all three seasons on Sunday nights on The CW.”

Some of the show’s actors have shared that working on “The Chosen” has impacted their lives. Nick Shakoour, who plays the role of Zebedee (father of disciples James and John), was not certain that God existed, but after agreeing to work on “The Chosen,” has had “one encounter after the next.” Brandon Potter, who plays the Roman centurion Quintus, has described the show as “one of the great joys of my life.”

“The Chosen” has dealt with its share of controversy, with some people accusing it of being influenced by the teachings of the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints. Another recent controversy erupted when a crew member displayed a Pride flag on set.