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‘Christian Artists Are Going To Have To Say Something’—John Cooper Addresses ‘The Rot in Christian Music’

“If you’re an artist that begins to speak out against moral issues, it does not win you any favors in the industry,” Cooper said. “Because the industry is compromised. I’m not saying everybody is, there’s great people there.”

“But for instance,” Cooper continued, “the industry is still playing Jars of Clay, even though Dan Haseltine is pro-LGBT and berates Christians who aren’t, and somehow he still gets to write music for ‘The Chosen.’ I don’t understand how this is possible.”

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Cooper shared another example, one which directly affected Skillet in 2009.

“We released one of the biggest records in Christian music history, which was our ‘Awake’ album, and we got kicked out of eligibility for the gospel Grammy Award because we weren’t Christian enough,” he said.

“I’m sharing that to not pat myself on the back,” Cooper said, admitting that he’s made many mistakes throughout his life. “But I think, with the exception of Stryper, I think we’re probably the most vocal Christian crossover act of all time in regards to our faith in Jesus.”

“I look at it now,” Cooper said. “Maverick City Music has a member in their group posting pictures of his wife twerking on him and thanking Jesus that his wife knows how to twerk, split ways with Dante Bowe, who has had years of questionable things going on.”

“Think about what has happened since Skillet’s ‘Awake’ record in 2009,” Cooper said. “Have any of these acts gotten kicked out of eligibility, or they’re getting kicked off of Christian radio? Has Christian radio decided to quit playing them? No, because it’s still going to make money.”

Cooper went on to defend himself against possible accusations of hypocrisy, as he often shares the stage with bands that use foul language.

“I love sharing the stage with people who do not profess Christ’s name, and I expect them to not live like it,” Cooper said. “But when I am with someone who professes Christ as Savior and Lord and who is leading people in worship to the one true God, who is Lord of all, I don’t expect someone to be confused that God only created two genders, which some Christian artists don’t seem to believe.”

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“So yes,” Cooper said, “I think Christian artists are going to have to begin to say something.”