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During ‘Hurriquake,’ Candace Cameron Bure Asks, ‘Can We All Repent?!’

Composite image. Screenshot from Twitter / @candacecbure. Movieguide®, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As parts of Mexico and America’s Southwest were being battered by remnants of Hurricane Hilary on Aug. 20, residents of Southern California experienced a natural disaster they’re more familiar with: an earthquake.

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The 5.1 temblor that hit between Santa Barbara and Ventura Sunday afternoon resulted in no immediate damage or injuries. Shaking could be felt throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. Meanwhile, many streets were flooded as some areas received more than a year’s worth of rainfall in one day. A tropical storm last made landfall in California in 1939.

On social media, the term “hurriquake” began trending due to the confluence of two natural disasters. Some people discussed global warming, while others wondered if the world was ending. Others shared a screenshot reportedly from a 2010 entry in the Urban Dictionary, which labeled a hurriquake as “the worst possible disaster that could ever occur.” It added, “If and when it does happen, it’ll most likely be a sign of impending Apocalypse.”

Followers of Candace Cameron Bure Discuss Jesus’ Return

After Sunday’s earthquake, actor and producer Candace Cameron Bure posted on X (formerly known as Twitter): “5.0 earthquake and a hurricane. Can we all repent?! Please?!” The actor and outspoken Christian included a prayer-hands emoji in her post.

In response to Bure‘s post, some social media users shared Bible verses and the steps of salvation. About her call to repentance, someone commented, “They won’t Candace and it will get worse you know it. But good news for us is the time is nigh. Jesus is hearing our prayers and He will return amen.”

Someone else responded: “They laugh at these words – like they did when Noah was building the ark. There have been numerous Marian warnings – I believe we will see the chastisement in our lifetime as I see no repentance from mankind.”

Others on Social Media Challenge Christianity

Bure’s tweet about repentance also sparked backlash, with numerous people mocking her and her faith. “I agree Candace!” someone commented. “You and your brother can start by repenting of your homophobia and general bigotry towards anyone who is different from you. Have a blessed day, stay safe!”

Bure, who left Hallmark for Great American Family, a network that represents traditional values, has faced criticism from LGBTQ advocates. Her brother, actor and author Kirk Cameron, has claimed religious discrimination against him by the American Library Association.