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Flight Attendant Threatens To Remove Maverick City Music Singer for Impromptu Performance

Maverick City Music Bobbi Jones
Screengrab via Instagram @bobbi_storm

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm recently shared a video of herself in which she was nearly kicked off of a flight for singing her song, “We Can’t Forget Him,” while the fully-boarded plane was waiting to have a maintenance issue fixed.

Storm is a featured vocalist on Maverick City Music’s recent album, titledThe Maverick Way.” The singer, who shared that she quit her job in October 2022 to pursue a career in music, lends her vocals to two tracks on the album.

In the video, which was filmed by her seat-mate, Storm can be seen sharing her excitement with other passengers about the fact that Maverick City Music has been nominated for two Grammy Awards—an announcement that was just made this past Friday (Nov. 10). Maverick City Music has collected five Grammys and 11 nominations.

As Storm attempted to sing her song for the waiting passengers, a flight attendant promptly asked her to take her seat. The singer replied, “I’m charting right now on the Billboards. I’ll sit down, but the seatbelt sign is off.”

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After taking her seat, Storm said, “Watch me bless them.” She then continued telling the passengers in a loud voice that she used to sing on planes a long time ago and that she just found out that she was up for two Grammy Awards with Maverick City Music.

“I sing for the Lord and my song is out on all platforms. It’s called ‘We Can’t Forget Him,'” she added. “I want to share this with you guys. I wanted to do it when I first got on the plane. But I was like, you know, I haven’t done this in a while.”

That is when the flight attendant approached Storm at her seat and asked her to be quiet.

“But they’re enjoying it, so while we’re sitting here can I please—” Storm replied, but she was quickly interrupted by the flight attendant, who told her that he wasn’t “enjoying it. So I’m asking you, can you be quiet?”

Before answering, Storm asked if disobeying the flight attendant’s demands would result in her going to jail.

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“Are you willing and able to be quiet right now?” he asked, to which Storm replied, “I’m doing what the Lord is telling me to do.”