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Perry Noble’s Second Chance Church Is Moving Forward With Second Location

Perry Noble
Screengrab via Facebook / @mysecondchancechurch

Perry Noble, founder and senior pastor of Second Chance Church in Anderson, South Carolina, recently shared that his ministry continues to grow. On Nov. 27, he posted that the church celebrated 81 “salvations,” a record-breaking attendance of 2,858 worshipers, and “having a contract on land in Greenville so we can launch our first satellite campus!”

In April, Noble revealed that a Greenville, South Carolina, branch of Second Chance Church was in the works, noting the launch was “AT LEAST a year away.” He wrote on Facebook, “I am pumped because I know we are going to see more and more people come to Christ!”

Perry Noble: ‘The Lord Kept Pressing Into Me’

On Nov. 28, Noble wrote on Instagram that he’d been hesitant to announce an addition to Second Chance Church. He said, “Heck, for the longest time I actually didn’t want to start another campus at all!”

The reason, he added, is he “never thought I would ever pastor again!” Noble admitted he didn’t know if people would show up to the church’s first location in Anderson. When they did, he was “so content with it all,” feeling “blessed way more than I ever deserved.”

Noble added, “But the Lord kept pressing into me—a lot.” He “kept reminding me that the local church has more to bring change to the world than anyone or anything! He kept reminding me of the Great Commission! And—He made a way for Greenville to happen!”

With the continued growth of Second Chance Church, Noble described his outlook as “both excited and a little scared” about the ministry’s next season. “I know the accusations of not being qualified are coming,” he wrote, “as well as reminders of my past! But I also know the grace of God, His mercy to me and His relentless pursuit (He never gave up on me!) So here we go @thesecondchancechurch with our next step of faith.”

Perry Noble Wants To ‘Walk in Faith, Not Fear’

Noble launched the original Anderson campus of Second Chance Church in 2017, branding it as “an environment where people (all people) can experience the presence of Jesus every single week.” That launch came without the blessing of elders at NewSpring Church, which Noble founded in 2000 and was fired from in 2016.

Reasons given for his dismissal were “unfortunate decisions,” including alcohol abuse. At the time Noble was ousted from his megachurch, it had 17 locations and 30,000+ weekly attendees.

Noble has been forthcoming about his fall and recovery process. In June, he admitted he continues to battle alcoholism, noting that people “can’t do life alone” amid earthly temptations.