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‘Make Every Day Count’—Christine Caine Has Cancerous Growth Removed

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Christine Caine has had a minor surgery to cut a cancerous growth out of her forehead. Caine, a ministry leader, author and speaker, shared the news about her “relatively routine” procedure with her Instagram followers on Tuesday, Jan. 30.

“Had a small surgery today to cut a growth (cancer) out of my forehead. Was deeper than I wanted it to be but am grateful they were able to remove it all,” said Caine.

“Sitting in the waiting room reminded me of the thyroid cancer surgery and follow-up I had,” she continued, “and how none of us should ever take this gift called life for granted. No one is guaranteed any day but today and that’s why we should make everyday [sic] count for the Glory of God.”

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Christine Caine Offers To Pray for Followers

Christine Caine and her husband, Nick, have planted three Zoe Churches in Europe and have founded Equip & Empower, Propel Women, and the anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign. Caine joined “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” last year to discuss her book, “Don’t Look Back: Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward with Passion and Purpose.”

In 2014, Caine revealed she had been diagnosed with four separate throat conditions, including Stage 1 thyroid cancer. “In one week, I had gone from going to the doctor for a sore throat, to being diagnosed with four separate conditions in the one area of my body that is most used to do what God has called me to do,” she wrote on her blog.

In that blog post, Caine described her journey with cancer, including the fear she experienced, her pursuit of trust in God, and the compassion she had for the other cancer patients she encountered.

“My condition was comparatively mild, and the type of cancer I had was highly curable through surgery,” she said. “I had to walk through my own valley, but their path seemed so much harder and darker than mine.” 

Caine said she was cancer-free after having a growth removed from her throat that August and subsequently undergoing a thyroidectomy. “Praise Jesus,” she said. “He answered our prayers. He healed my body. And for that I am so thankful. More thankful than I have words to express right now.”