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Russell Brand Walks Readers Through ‘Mere Christianity,’ Will Tour With Tucker Carlson

Russell Brand
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New Christian Russell Brand is inviting people to read and discuss “Mere Christianity.” The English actor and podcaster, who was baptized in April, shared a photo of the C.S. Lewis classic on social media June 10. He also invited his followers, aka “Awakened Wonders,” to join a livestream of his book club discussion.

“We’re getting through Mere Christianity and we’re onto Book 3, ‘Christian Behaviour,’” Brand wrote. “Drop me a comment to let me know what you’ve been making of Mere Christianity so far.”

Last December, Brand revealed he had been reading the Bible and Lewis’ book “The Problem of Pain.” In early 2024, he began mentioning his need for a personal relationship with God. The actor asked followers in March where he should attend church. The next month, he was baptized in the River Thames and talked about being “surrendered in Christ.”

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Russell Brand To Join Tucker Carlson’s Tour This Fall

In another June 10 social media post, Brand shared that he’ll be joining former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his upcoming national tour. Carlson’s nationwide arena tour kicks off Sept. 4. In addition to Brand, special guests on the lineup include Charlie KirkAlex Jones, Kid RockMarjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump Jr. and Glenn Beck, among others.

Earlier this year, Carlson interviewed Brand on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter.” Carlson introduced his guest by saying governments have “colluded to shut down and destroy” the actor. When Brand was accused of sexual assault last fall, Carlson said, it was an attempt to take him out of public view and “to make Russell Brand shut up.”

The reason, Carlson added, is because Brand has “views that diverge from most Western governments” as well as “the capacity to win people over from the other side.” Because Brand formerly leaned left, he’s now a political threat, with “the power to persuade,” according to Carlson.

The alleged “campaign” against Brand occurred outside public view, Carlson said. He described how the actor was denounced as “an agent of Chinese propaganda” due to his views on Ukraine. Carlson also explored Brand’s opinions about the pandemic and vaccine mandates.

Other Updates From Russell Brand

On June 11, Brand posted that he’d be showing “in the ice with Christ”—video of him baptizing people in ice baths on the streets. “You’ll love it; it’s crazy!” he said.

Also on Tuesday, Brand promoted his latest podcast episode with a video of him playing table tennis. “They’re playing GAMES with our LIVES!” the caption stated. Brand told viewers to imagine the ball is world peace, noting that leaders are playing a game with it.