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6 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

  1. “If we protected humans from everything for 7,000 years, you would have never had time to develop.”
  2. “Life has no greater duty than to protect one’s family.”
  3. Sersi asked, “Who can lead the Avengers?” To which Ikaris replied, “I can.”
  4. “Anytime innocent lives are sacrificed for the greater good, no good comes out of it.”
  5. “Without their flaws, they wouldn’t be human.”

After the second post-credit scene, a message appeared saying the Eternals will be back. Unfortunately, they will have to return without me. I cannot recommend this film to anyone. My recommendation is to rewatch Black Widow or Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on Disney+ instead.

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