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Proof of Life: Truth

Erwin continues to share some great messages as part of the “Proof of Life” series at Mosaic. Here are some highlights from this...

Leading with a Lead Pipe

It’s really easy for church planters to jack up the entire enterprise of leadership. When I showed up in Athens, GA, in June 2004 to...

Money Lies

Ever wonder what money would say if it could talk? Well, I think money whispers all kinds of lies to us. Lies like… “If you get...

7 Habits of Highly Innovative People

What areas are you exceeding in, and which ones could you work on?

How to Improve Your Preaching

Good preaching preparation begins with letting Scripture examine, speak, and preach to us.

Kay Warren: Surrender to God

Kay Warren discusses the importance of facing the evil and injustice in the world and surrendering to God.

Tell Me Your Painful Story

Tony Morgan reminds us how important it is to listen and engage in the healing of others' hurts.

215 New Baptist Churches Started in Haiti

A missions specialist reports on the church planting happening in Haiti as the country recovers from the quake.

Evidence for a Master Designer

Lee Strobel: "The most up-to-date scientific evidence points more powerfully toward God than ever before in history."

How to Connect and Keep New People

Five experienced leaders share their insights on assimilation.

Cape Town 2010 Opening Session

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization brings together the largest, most diverse gathering of evangelicals in the history of the world.

Acts 29: Living on Mission

Scott Thomas and Jeff Vanderstelt from Acts 29 discuss what it looks like to live a gospel-centered life.

Free Campaign Pass: 40 Days of Community

"We were never meant to live out God’s purposes in solitude."

Selling My Soul on eBay

A fascinating story from Hemant Mehta, the man who "auctioned his soul" on eBay.

Proof of Life: Passion

I realize this has become Erwin McManus week at my site, but Erwin has been bringing some really great insights I’d like to...

Must Develop Leaders

One sign of a successful church planter and good leader is his ability to effectively develop leaders. Yet leadership development is one...

Bob's Blog

I met Bob Logan almost twenty years ago. He helped open my eyes to the dynamics of church planting movements. I spent a few weeks...

Deep Connectedness

I read a mind blowing article yesterday in Wired  Science entitled “Babies Want to Be Social, Even Before They’re Born”. The article stated… The impulse...

Third Lausanne Congress Opens in Cape Town

The Lausanne Movement, founded by Billy Graham, is uniquely placed to gather evangelicals for a common purpose.

The History of Lausanne

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism, Cape Town 2010, began on Sunday evening.

A Talking Snake? Bible Answer Man Hints That What Many Pastors...

Is there really a talking snake in Genesis 3? “Bible Answer Man” host Hank Hanegraaff tackles the question of whether Satan, as a serpent, actually spoke words to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Gerardo Martí: What Pastors Need to Learn From the Collapse of...

Dr. Gerardo Martí joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss Robert H. Schuller's remarkable success with the Crystal Cathedral—and why Schuller's influential ministry collapsed so suddenly.

Outreach Leaders