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Pastors, Are You Willing to Pay the Price Needed for Your Vision to Become Reality?

Pastors, Are You Willing To Pay The Price Needed For Your Vision To Become Reality?

Let’s get real about the construction of new buildings at your church and what is needed to see them constructed and paid for.

Every pastor I have ever met wants to stand on a freshly-constructed, larger stage and preach to more people. They want to look out at this larger audience and see countless stories of life change. Pastors want to look at this growing audience and hear the testimonies of marriages being put back together, addictions being broken, hungry people being fed, greedy people becoming generous and people being set free from what previously enslaved them.

Every pastor I have ever met wants to see more people reached for Jesus Christ. They want to see more people becoming disciples.

Every pastor I know wants that moment, that moment when they stand in their new pulpit for the very first time. It is as if all Heaven is cheering them on. They dream of that moment when vision actually becomes reality. These are the perks of leadership. But there is also a price to leadership.

The question is, are you willing to pay the price of leadership for a season of your life to see that vision take place?

Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? Are you willing to add a number of meetings (some at night) to your schedule for several weeks? Are you willing to ask your staff and top volunteers to carry a short-term, heavier load? Are you willing to appropriately (not high pressure) engage your financial leaders in conversations? Are you possible willing to take on some responsible, short-term debt?

And now for the BIG question. Are you willing to personally sacrifice your time, talent and treasure to stand on that platform and see your vision become reality?

The pastors who answer “YES” will reap the temporary and eternal rewards for this seasonal sacrifice. They are the ones who will stand on that platform. They are ones who will preach to more people. They are the ones who will hear the stories of life-change. And I firmly believe God will honor their sacrifice and redeem their time and energy.

The pastors who shrink from this leadership challenge will live lives of comfort. But with comfort comes the regret of what might have been.

I have attempted to provide some positive motivation because of the perks which come with paying the leadership price. But motivation aside, there is a responsibility which comes with leadership.

As a leader, it is your job to press into these moments. To not shrink from them. There are seasons of sacrifice that come in every growing ministry. Leading during these times is part of the job of a pastor. This is in the fine print on the job description.

At some point in all of our lives, we want Easter without Good Friday. We want gain without the pain. Men especially are susceptible to this type of thinking. We have struggled with passivity and shrinking from challenges since the Garden. I get it. We all get it. But vision-fulfillment does not work that way.

Pastors, I want you to have that moment. I want you to be able to walk on the platform and preach to hordes of new people. I want you to get soaking wet baptizing dozens and dozens of people. Do not shrink from the challenge of new construction and capital campaigns.

You can do this! God has prepared you for this moment in time. Don’t run from this season. Get a good team around you and press into it. The people in your city who have yet to meet Jesus are counting on you!

If I can help you in this area, simply email me at briand@injoystewardship.com and let’s talk.

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Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.