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Dads, Teach Your Children These Two Big Lessons

These are the two most important lessons a dad can teach his children.

Posted by Paul David Tripp on Sunday, June 18, 2017

The power of a dad simply cannot be overstated in what you teach your children. Many forces cause the moral and spiritual fractures of our culture, but one of them is the lack of godly fathers. Counselor and communicator Paul Tripp encourages fathers in their vital role with this video.

It is important for fathers to see their roles as deeper than just providing skills to their children.

There are two lessons, according to Tripp, that are essential for fathers to teach your children.

First is to help his child be enthralled with the wonderful glory and grace of God. This can be done by constantly connecting what you are doing with your children to something that God has done or said. Whether it’s looking at the grain within wood, nailing nails, or observing different species of fish, a father can provide a vision for God’s constant beauty and creativity. As you are watching a sunset speak of the God who rules the day and the night. Hopefully, the more your son becomes enthralled with God the more that son would want to surrender himself to that God.

Second, is to teach the love of others. Human relationships are hard, and loving others can be very difficult. But please remember, the difficulty in loving others is primarily caused by what is in our own hearts. Our hearts are filled with judgment, criticism, competition, greed, and envy, all of which are fundamentally anti-social behaviors. We need more dads who are willing to say to their children that the greatest challenge to building relationships with others is often times our own selves. The more our children face those forces within them, the more they will live a life of love, and the more they live a life of love, the more blessing they will experience.