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If Dads Could Literally See from a Mom’s Perspective

Parenting is tough. One thing that makes it even harder is when moms and dads are ignorant of each other’s perspectives. Wouldn’t it be interesting if somehow dads could see everything through a mom’s perspective? In the following video, the Skit Guys provide a comical take on a mom’s perspective.

So what would raising kids be like if dads could wear “Mom Goggles”?

-That crazy messed up finger painting looks like priceless piece of art

-That little girl who is just a few feet up in the air looks like she is on top of a skyscraper

-That bed time story makes you like putty even when the kids seem a little bored

It just seems like God gave moms a special set of goggles or a special way of looking at things. Let’s be honest, many of us learned servant hood, grace, and a taste of God’s love from our moms. These are qualities that are far too easy to take for granted.

This video helps us better understand one of the most vital ministries on the face of this planet: Motherhood.