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Ed Stetzer: How You Can Be a Better Leader

Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer is a church planter and revitalizer, pastor, trainer, and author of dozens of articles and books.  He teaches, speaks, and writes on theology, missiology, church planting, church revitalization, and church innovation.

Key Questions for Ed Stetzer:

– How do you decide when to say “no” to a request?
– Why is the idea of self-leadership so important?
– How do you handle resistance to change?

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Key Quotes from Ed Stetzer:

“I only do what is uniquely connected to me, like my family.”

‘I don’t see my inbox as my todo list because if your inbox is your todo list that’s just a list of other people telling you what you should do”

“Good leadership is just saying no to the wrong things and saying yes to the right things.”

“What we have to spend more time on as leaders is not what’s urgent but important; developing other leaders and your own leadership style.”

“To work change without creating a sense of urgency at the beginning, in a church, you’re nuts!”

“You can be a pastor for a long time and not have any experience…it’s just one experience done over and over again.”

“Self-management is sharpening the axe so you make better decisions in a better way.”

“Some of the best leaders I know are not leaders in a loud way but strong in a godly, we’re going to lead and take these steps together.’

“A lot of pastors try to lead churches through revitalization. Their first play is change not urgency. So they’ve not led the people to care enough to make a change.”

“A lot of people are attracted to church planting so they don’t have to walk through the change process. You know what you’re saying is you don’t want to lead change you just want to lead new.  Can I just tell you, if you plant a church, three years from now you’re going to be leading change.”

“If you don’t have ten percent of your church mad at you at any given time you’re probably not doing anything of substance.”

“Stop seeing resistance as people who are enemies.”

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