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Craig Groeschel: How to Pastor With Integrity

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel started Life.Church with his wife, Amy, in a garage in Oklahoma just over 20 years ago. Life.Church now includes dozens of locations all over the U.S. and is known for its innovative use of technology to spread the Gospel. Craig is the author of several books, including Hope in the Dark and The Christian Atheist. Craig and Amy have six children and live in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Key Questions for Craig Groeschel:

-What advice do you have for pastors navigating the #metoo movement?
– When people come to us with unexplainable situations or doubts, what should we do? What should we not do?
– How can pastors faithfully serving a small church year after year continue while not feeling inadequate?

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Key Quotes from Craig Groeschel:

“[Let’s not forget] there are hundreds and thousands of pastors that are living with integrity.”

“We tell the most appropriate version of what is true.”

“People will have grace for you when you’re telling the truth. When you’re hedging or afraid or defensive or playing it safe, they can see it and smell through it.”

“It’s incredibly freeing to the people that we shepherd to give them permission to ask hard questions…not to make them feel like second-class Christians when they have doubts.”

“The path to real, intimate faith is often straight through your biggest doubts.”

“Jesus is God in the flesh and sometimes we can be like God in the flesh with people. We represent God to people and sometimes just being there is enough [to help] people.”

“The name Habbakuk means to wrestle and to embrace. To wrestle: to question, to doubt, to yell, and at the same time, not to let go.”

“Having a church of 10,000 people and having your kids walk away is not really a win.”

“Before I win in the church world, I really want to win at home.”

“To the bi-vocational pastor: You’re a hero to me…What I have is easier, I’ve got a team of people serving me. You’re up in the trenches; you’re making less money than you could elsewhere; you’re working two jobs; you’re getting a sermon ready after a 45-hour week somewhere else; you’re loving on people; you’re doing all the hospital calls…”

“A bad day in the ministry world, to me, would be better than a good day just trying to make money somewhere else. We get to serve Jesus. I don’t ever want to forget that, whether I’m pastoring 20 people or 2,000. We get to serve Jesus.”

“The way I see it, one of the biggest problems we have as pastors is we tend to get isolated.”


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