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Luis Palau: Never Forget How Grand Your Calling Is

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Luis Palau is a teacher and evangelist who has worked with thousands of churches all over the world. He was born just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and served as a Spanish interpreter for Billy Graham during his crusade in Fresno, California. Luis’s ministry, the Luis Palau Association, has reached over one billion throughout the world, and he has personally spoken to people in 75 different countries. His team’s “greatest joy” is to “proclaim the Good News, unite the Church, and impact cities worldwide.” Luis is married to Pat and has four sons and 12 grandchildren.

Key Questions for Luis Palau

-How did you know that God was calling you to be a preacher?

-What have you learned about how pastors can know whether they are truly making an impact in ministry?

-What is the value of serving with a team of people in ministry?

-What is the relationship between mass evangelism and the local church?

Key Quotes from Luis Palau

“In my heart, I always wanted to preach.”

“About age 17, I decided, I want to be holy… I decided this is it. I’m going to drop the world, I want nothing to do with dancing, drinking, anything else, forget it. I’m going to be holy, serve the Lord, serve the gospel.”

“The thing that gets me is that we need to remind ourselves, as servants of God, pastors, leaders, evangelists, but mostly pastors in the local church, is the grandeur, the greatness of the ministry. To think that God called you, and He gives you 200 sheep, and He says, ‘You take care of these sheep. They are mine, I want you to feed them, I want you to take care of them.”

“I’ve seen the ups and downs and all the battles of the ministry, but the grandeur of it, we must never forget.”

“We’ve got to watch the difference between having moral and spiritual authority and meddling in party politics.”

“You have an influence on the community around you far beyond the size of your congregation.”

“You stand up on Sunday morning, you open up the Book, you’ve spent time praying during the week, you know the stuff going on in the congregation, you read what the papers say about the country and the community and the state, and you get up and speak the voice of God.”

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