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Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson: Being at Peace with the Mystery of God

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Alan Hirsch has written numerous award-winning books and serves as a valuable voice to the global church. He is married to Deb and is the founder of 100Movements, Forge Mission Training Network, and Future Travelers.

Mark Nelson serves on the Forge America board and is the lead pastor of Crossings, a faith community he launched with his wife, Monica. He and Monica have three children and a daughter-in-law.

Together, Alan and Mark have written a powerful and inspiring book called Reframation: Seeing God, People, and Mission Through Re-Enchanted Frames.

Key Questions for Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson

-Why do you think people agree more and more that the church does not look or sound much like Jesus?

-Why is it important for Christians to embrace the idea of pilgrimage, and how can we do that?

-How can the church do a better job of inviting people to pursue a deeper experience of God?

-What are ways the church can tell the story of Christianity better?

Key Quotes from Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson

“What other measure do we use other than Jesus? If we do not look, act, sound and think like Jesus, something fundamental is at stake.”

“Evangelicalism is too small for the evangel. It’s too small. It can’t contain it.”

“Stephen was martyred because he called out the religious leaders for reducing God.”

“We’re good at taking Scripture and breaking it down as evangelicals…and we should be…but we feel like there’s an exegeting of culture that we’ve missed.” 

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