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Chip Ingram: How to Stop Living Like a Spiritual Orphan

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Chip Ingram has served as an author, teacher, and pastor for over 30 years. He is the founding and teaching pastor of Living on the Edge and reaches more than a million people every week. He’s written several books, including his latest, entitled Discover Your True Self: How to Silence the Lies of Your Past and Actually Experience Who God Says You Are. Chip and his wife, Theresa, have four children and 12 grandchildren.

Key Questions for Pastor Chip Ingram

-How is it that we live as “spiritual orphans” instead of as children of God?

-How does the Roman practice of adoption inform how we understand our adoption as God’s children?

-How can we avoid letting our past experiences haunt us and prevent us from experiencing God’s best?

-Do you think it’s harder for ministry leaders to identify the lies we live by than it is for other people?

Key Quotes from Pastor Chip Ingram

“I think an awful lot of Christians have somehow [believed] the Christian life is trying hard to be a little bit better person, trying to be nice, don’t do any of the big, big sins.”

“When you were adopted into a wealthy family, your world, even all of your past debts were eliminated. You got a new name and literally, the old person didn’t exist any more. Whatever crimes you committed, whatever debts you had, all of that was wiped away.”

“We don’t live for God’s love. We live out of God’s love.”

“If we could talk really honestly as fellow church leaders and pastors, there is so much of our DNA that is performance-oriented, and we’re living for God’s approval instead of living from God’s approval.”

“The average believer doesn’t have a clue of who they are in Christ.”

“If ‘trying hard’ made us more holy, then we probably all would be a lot more holy than we are.”

“You can’t give love if you don’t love yourself.”

“I was so people-pleasing, I literally got exhausted and went to the hospital.”

“That has been the goal, to help ordinary, regular people be able to look into the mirror of their souls and say, ‘Of course I struggle with rejection, but I’m deeply wanted because God chose me.’” 

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