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Mary Lederleitner: How to Preach and Lead During an Election Year

mary lederleitner

Dr. Mary Lederleitner is Managing Director of the Church Evangelism Institute at the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center and is the author of Women in God’s Mission and Cross-Cultural Partnerships. Mary earned her Ph.D. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College. She teaches as an adjunct professor at both institutions.

Key Questions for Mary Lederleitner

-When does political affiliation cross over into idolatry?

-What are the dangers pastors face regarding political idolatry?

-What practical advice do you have for pastors who are preaching and leading during this election year?

-Have you noticed any differences between the generations when it comes to political idolatry?

Key Quotes from Mary Lederleitner

“I think a lot of time political idolatry really raises its ugly head when people are afraid because most people fall into idolatry to look for a sense of security.”

“It’s easy to say we believe a lot of things…until we’re tested. And this [social tension] is testing many of us to our core.”

“Sometimes we want the gospel plus the American Dream. It’s like we conflate the two.”

“I think these trials are revealing, maybe revealing the states of our hearts.”

“We’re allowed to have strong [political] views. We’re supposed to be discerning and we’re supposed to be understanding the times, and we’re supposed to be integrating our faith into our daily lives. The problem that’s happening is hate sells.”

“There are forces trying to manipulate Christians in a pretty significant way.”

“If we’re leading people, we’ve got to check our own hearts and discern if we’ve fallen into political idolatry.”

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