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Mary Lederleitner: How to Preach and Lead During an Election Year

“What did Jesus really accomplish on the cross, and how is that going to inform how I interact with friends and family members and neighbors? It has to start with the leader. It absolutely has to start with the leader.”

“If political ideologies have kind of taken over your own heart, you can preach all you want about it—[church members] are going to look at your life.” 

“When we look at what Jesus did on the cross…he reconciled racial barriers, gender barriers, you know, even the most extreme cultural differences.”

“If the blood of Christ has reconciled all these people, how are we dishonoring the blood of Christ by allowing a political party affiliation to divide us? I mean it’s really bad.” 

“This idea that this [political situation] could not become violent, that we can just keep playing along with this and the stakes aren’t high and there’s no real seriousness to it, is a total farce. This is very serious.”

“The world will know we are Christians by how we treat one another.” 

“To me, it all comes back to what is our end goal? Is it just to win an argument? Is it just to win an election?…Is it to see the purposes of Christ furthered in our world?”

“The whole gospel is about loving our enemies. Now the enemy is the person on the Left or the Right that’s the opposite of us. But how does Jesus tell us even to treat even that person?”

“What is our primary identity, what is our primary focus, what is our primary prayer, and what is our primary goal?”

“Where are our eyes fixed?”

“I think we’re fooling our folks if we send them the message that discipleship is easy.”

“Humans are humans, and idolatry is an innate vulnerability for all humans.”

“Emerging adults and young adults need to see how discipleship informs their deep desire for justice. And they need pastors and leaders to help them wrestle through that….I think that’s the power for pastors at this time.”

“I’m concerned that if pastors don’t rise to this challenge that what we’re going to see down the path is going to be pretty horrific.”

“It’s not an easy time for pastors, but I think it could be one of their finest hours.”

“I believe the word of God is so powerful. I believe God uses the Holy Spirit to change hearts. So I tend to think you’re going to get a lot further if you start there.”

Mentioned in the Show by Mary Lederleitner

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