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Steve Cunningham: Are You Living Out the Second Part of the Great Commission?

steve cunningham

Steve Cunningham is a devoted Christ-follower and entrepreneur who is passionate about leadership development. He is the CEO and founder of Readitfor.me and, among his other projects to help people grow as leaders and disciples, has developed GLN SkillAcademy in collaboration with the Global Leadership Network.

Key Questions for Steve Cunningham

-Do you think churches struggle to help people to translate their workplace skills and abilities into kingdom impact?

-How does leadership development connect to developing as a disciple of Jesus?

-What suggestions would you make to local church pastors for taking their faith and putting it into action by using their workplace skills and expertise?

-How are you helping people to be intentional about their growth as disciples of Jesus?

Key Quotes from Steve Cunningham

“I can’t actually remember one time being asked to use any of my skills or abilities to serve in any capacity in the Catholic church…but I think that would be something I would welcome if I was asked.”

“I spent most of my adult life not having much interaction in my friend group and my business group network with other Christians. So for me it was an amazing experience to be sitting around a table every month with a bunch of Christian business leaders.”

“I read through the Bible from front to back, and obviously there were many things that hit me like a ton of bricks, but the one thing that made me pause and I would say changed the course of my life was the Great Commission, and particularly, the second part of the Great Commission, which was, ‘Teach them to obey all of my commands.’”

“I was shocked to find out that there were only two books written specifically on [the Great Commission] by what I would consider to be mainstream publishers.”

“It’s been a transformational journey for me to see that there’s this life that we’re invited into [by Jesus].”

“Average leaders consume a lot of information… Exceptional leaders, what they do is they’re hunting for the best-known way to solve a problem that’s related to an important goal that they have.” 

“Everybody could benefit from studying what exceptional people are doing and then just copying what they’re doing.”  

“Get clear on what [Jesus’] commands actually are, and then bring people through a process of them living those out or attempting to live those out.”

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