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Angela Craig: Digital Church Is Biblical, but Only If You Do It Like This

Angela Craig

Angela Craig is the founder of Pursuit Church Live, the first social media church in the Assemblies of God Fellowship. Angela has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and is a sought-after leadership coach and speaker helping teams and organizations turn their online platforms into communities. Angela also serves as an adjunct professor at Northwest University and has authored several books including “Online Jesus,” a guide to community discipleship and care online. She and her husband, Mark, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where outdoor activity and coffee are synonymous.

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Key Questions for Angela Craig

-What similarities do you see between what you did with Pursuit Church Live and the early church

-On a daily or weekly basis, what does it look like for Pursuit to “do church”?

-How do you respond to people who say church has to be in person at least some of the time?

-Is there a way that Pursuit thinks about relationships beyond digital? If people want to meet in person, do you help them do that? 

Key Quotes from Angela Craig

“I did a lot of research because one of the biggest questions people ask is, ‘Is digital church really biblical?’ And I think it can not be biblical and it can be biblical.”

“God was calling [the early church] to go to people. The story, the good news, the truth was more important than a location, and so that’s the same for us.” 

“Jesus went to people, he saw their need, and he answered them. And then he called them to be like him. And so our goal at Pursuit is always to make disciples who make disciples, and this is extremely different than streaming a Sunday service.”

Streaming is not church…it’s not worshipping together as a body.”

“We create content that’s relevant to those we’re trying to meet, which is people who are spiritually homeless…when people comment [on Facebook], they like or they share, one of our impact team reaches out to them personally.”

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