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Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

“If I go to work five days a week on the weekends and I have my Saturday to enjoy my own friends and then Saturday or Sunday I show up for church…where does stranger love come into my rhythms, my cadence of life?”

“How does my home look? It’s open to strangers, people who think differently than me, people who are, ‘the other,’ who have another kind of culture, another kind of sexuality, another kind of religion. That’s what we are being called to, which looks very different than having just like-minded people come into our homes.”

“Our homes have to become places of healing, not only for a broken world, but ultimately it’s healing our own broken hearts as we live lives of hospitality.”

“It’s not like everyone else becomes a project for us to reach out to. But as we’re reaching out with stranger love, having a true genuine love for that other person, God is healing things in us too.”

“For me personally and for our family, nothing in our lives has been more fulfilling than welcoming refugees.”

“In any way that we sacrificed in hospitality towards refugees coming in and supporting them, that sacrifice actually was an invitation for us to draw nearer to the heart of God.”

“The church has always been called to be a place of refuge. It was for each of us. We have found refuge in the arms of Christ. How can we not now be a safe place of refuge for those who are fleeing?”

“Here we are in a rural community in Canada, where everybody is either Caucasian or Mennonite. And yet at our Thanksgiving table, we had a Syrian family, a little girl from China and an African family who all brought their different dishes and meals and all were sitting down at the table together. It felt like a glimpse of heaven to us.”

“If you have an opportunity to sponsor a refugee family, you are stepping into the most life-transforming, which will ultimately be the most fulfilling experience you have ever had. I will say it can be challenging and hard. It is not easy, but it will be worth it and it will be meaningful.”

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Isaiah 58

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