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Ray Ortlund: Why Pastors MUST Fight Pornography

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Ray Ortlund is the president of Renewal Ministries, the Pastor to Pastors at Immanuel Church Nashville, and a Canon Theologian with the Anglican Church in North America. He is a contributor to the ESV Study Bible and the author of several books, including the “Preaching the Word” commentaries on Isaiah and Proverbs, “Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel,” and his latest, “The Death of Porn: Men of Integrity Building a World of Nobility.”

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Key Questions for Ray Ortlund

-How much of a problem is porn use among pastors? What advice would you give for those who are struggling with porn right now?

-How would you respond to people justifying their porn use by saying that because it’s private, it’s not hurting anyone?

-What are some ineffective ways to try overcome porn use and addiction? And what does work?

-How would you suggest pastors begin addressing porn use within their congregations?

Key Quotes From Ray Ortlund

“I’m faithful to my wife. I love my wife. I’m not looking at porn, but I am a sexual sinner…This book I wrote, “The Death of Porn,” is not me saying to everybody else, ‘You have a porn problem.’ This is me saying to all of us, ‘We have a porn problem.’ We are in this together and let’s admit it and see what God can do for people like us.”

“We’ve got a new slave trade in the world today. Everywhere porn goes, trafficking goes, coercion goes, degradation goes. People have fewer options in life, fewer choices. They’re forced into futures they don’t want and never chose for themselves. And that is the reality of it.”

“Where are the singer-songwriters equipping the body of Christ for us to sing our way into nobility, liberation, resistance, a proper indignation? Who is helping us to fight for the women and girls of this world who are being mistreated today at this moment?”

“The moment has come. I think we’ve reached a tipping point. And we can now raise our voices and rally the men, especially, of our churches to the cause of nobility.”

“The change question is the question. And here’s what I don’t believe about change. I don’t believe we’re scolded into real change or shamed into it and pressured. I have nothing but contempt for any sort of Christianized finger pointing.”