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Phil Vischer, Part 1: How Pastors Can Guide the Creatives in Their Churches

“It’s very easy in children’s ministry to cherry-pick the most exciting Bible stories, teach them to kids and believe we’ve taught them the faith.”

“I’m hoping to be able to go back more into storytelling. It’s just that the economics are such a huge hurdle that I’m trying to crack the economic nut first so that I can see if I can bring kids back into really good, faith-filled storytelling”

“Very little works [in Christian media]. And so a whole lot is being invested in the very little.”

“The Erwin brothers found a really good lane about telling really inspiring stories that were infused with faith in a fairly organic way. And that’s working well, but….movies are the only place where you can still get a family to hand you money to hear a single story.”

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“Most kids are getting their media from YouTube now. YouTube is the number one media discovery source for kids.”

“The economics of YouTube work for people who have billions of views on their channels…so the experimentation is being done primarily in crowdfunding.”

“There seems to be less motivation for paying money for Christian content for kids than for Christian content for grown-ups. And that’s frustrated me for about 20 years.”

“Christian filmmaking just has never had the opportunity to mature [in the same way Christian music has].”

“For kids just growing up, you can’t look to a model where if I go to this place or call this company, I can get in the door and start a career. There aren’t agents going out and looking for the next hot Christian filmmaker like agents were looking for the next hot Christian singer all throughout the 90s and early 2000s.”

“It is very hard for Christian filmmaking to mature to a level where you could say, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know that was made by Christian filmmakers. I thought it was just a good movie.’ I don’t know how long it will take to get there or if we can ever get there.”

“Just make stuff. It’s never been easier to make stuff. That doesn’t mean you’re going to make a living at it.”