Keys to Small Group Evangelism

small group evangelism

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread via small group evangelism to a lost and dying world? Donald McGavran wrote about this in 1955. He had observed that two churches in the same neighborhood preaching the same doctrine with pastors from the same seminary would have wildly different results. One church would grow rapidly while the other stalled. Afte extensive research, he wrote:

During the years of research that led to writing The Bridges of God I was constantly impressed by the crucial role played in the expansion of the Christian faith by the relatives of Christians. Again and again, I observed that though Christians are surrounded by thousands of fellow citizens, the Christian faith flows best from relative to relative or close friend to close friend. This was true whatever the nationality or language. It was as true in the heartland of America as in Uganda or the High Andes. — Donald McGavran. Understanding Church Growth (pp. 253-254). Kindle Edition.