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How to Protect Your Life and Ministry from Burnout With Juanita Campbell Rasmus

Juanita Campbell Rasmus
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In ministry, what are we supposed to do when we feel the bottom has fallen out of our lives? In this conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Juanita Campbell Rasmus as she shares from her own experience of what she calls “the Crash” and what her counselor calls a major depressive episode. Juanita is a pastor, a spiritual director, a nonprofit founder and a writer. Together, Jason and Juanita look at some of the warning signs that we, as pastors and ministry leaders, need to be on the lookout for to make sure we don’t spread ourselves too thin. Juanita also shares some important practices that can help center us in Christ and help us avoid burnout, or maybe tapping out of ministry altogether.

FrontStage BackStage Podcast Guest Juanita Campbell Rasmus

Watch the entire podcast here.

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