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Here Are the Top 10 Christian Music Albums from 2019

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One of the most influential means of worship is music. We listen to it in our cars, on our phones, in our homes, at our work, when we play, when we work out, and practically every day there is some way or another music in our life. Some of the top songs in the Christian music world can even be heard on a Sunday morning during worship. So let’s see which Christian music albums did well this past year.

Here are the top 10 Christian music albums in 2019. This doesn’t mean that the album came out this year, but that the album was the most sold this year. Lauren Daigle and the recently released Jesus Is King from Kanye West took the top 3 spots. Check out the rest and see if there are any you missed that came out this year, or just need to re-listen to.

Here are the top 10 Christian Music Albums from 2019

#1- Look Up Child [Lauren Daigle]

‘Look Up Child’ took home took home both Grammy’s and Dove Awards in 2019. Lauren Daigle embarked on a successful world tour and continues to shine the light of Christ into dark places; most recently visiting the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

#2 – Jesus Is King [Kanye West]

Jesus got a hold of Kanye West’s life in 2019. According to Kanye’s testimony he had realized the “weight of his sin” and was convicted that he needed to make things right, so he turned to Jesus. All of the album’s 11 songs appeared on the charts and broke records, it caused faith-based Google searches and continues to inspire those seeking Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.

#3 – How Can It Be [Lauren Daigle]

Lauren Daigle’s debut full-length album ‘How Can It Be’ was released in 2015 but saw a resurgence in album sales and streams because of the success of Look Up Child. Be sure to catch her in 2020 as she continues her world tour with husband and wife duo Johnny Swim.

#4 – Burn The Ships [for King & Country]

The duo’s 2018 release is still going strong, releasing 3 new singles in 2019. The brothers of the successful Christian music artist and actress Rebecca St. James, received a Grammy nomination this year for the album ‘Burn The Ships’.

#5 – People [Hillsong UNITED]

This is the 14th live album from Hillsong UNITED and was released this past April. ‘People’ reached the #1 spot on the Billboard US Christian Music Albums chart and #2 on the US Billboard 200. Hillsong United toured in the United States for the first time in three years to promote the album.