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Youth Group Promotion Ideas: 7 Ways to Publicize Your Teen Ministry

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Youth group promotion ideas are vital for every size and type of youth ministry. Whether your teen program is small or large, urban or rural, you need to inform kids and families about it. And if you need ideas, keep reading!

Sure, social media is great for spreading the word about faith-based Christian programs for teenagers. But you can extend your outreach and publicity efforts in many other ways too.

So get creative and get busy! The tips below will help you broaden your youth group promotion ideas and attract more participants. By making people aware of your meetings and events, you’re taking big steps toward growing the youth group and impacting lives.

7 Youth Group Promotion Ideas

Try one (or more!) of these ideas to promote your youth group:

1. Customized Apparel

Teens love T’s! Wearing youth group shirts and caps is a great way to publicize a program for teens. Apparel with hope-filled slogans and messages also opens doors for conversations about Jesus and faith.

2. Yard Signs & Banners

These versatile promotional pieces work well in the church lawn, reaching neighbors and passing vehicles. Youth group members and their families also may be eager to post a sign for outreach purposes.

3. Fun Flyers

Print promotional pieces may draw extra attention in this age of online over-saturation. So design catchy flyers to post near schools and teen hangout spots. Remember to advertise friendly fellowship opportunities…and free food!

4. After-School Clubs

Welcome kids with open arms right where they’re at. Bring clubs and Bible studies to their schools after hours. If your church is located near a high school, invite local students to a free low-key lunch at your facility.