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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Children’s Ministry Leaders

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The gym where I work out is full. It’s the new year and a lot of people have added exercise to their resolution list.

It’s important to set goals each year for yourself. If you are in children’s ministry, here are 7 new year’s resolutions that can help you and your ministry grow in 2022. Let’s look at them.

1. Spend time with God each day. The most important goal on your list should be spending more time with Jesus. When you walk with Jesus, you and your ministry will be blessed by God.

It’s easy to get so busy working for God that you don’t spend time with God. You are I have a primary calling. It’s a call to walk with Jesus and draw closer to Him each day. Out of that will come the blessings of God upon your ministry. Look what this verse says…

He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach. (Mark 3:14)

We see in this verse that our first calling is to spend time with Jesus. Out of that comes the power and anointing to go out and do ministry.

I am challenging you to spend more time with Jesus in 2022. 

2. Each week, ask someone to volunteer and join your team. Do you want to build your volunteer team in 2022? Here’s the best way to do this. One person at a time. That’s how Jesus built His team and I believe it is the best way to build a team in 2022. Do this and you will look up in 12 months and see that your volunteer team has dramatically increased.

3. Invest in 3 people. Who are 3 people in your ministry that have a lot of potential? Who are 3 people that you can personally help grow as leaders? When it comes to investing in people, just remember this: Love equally…invest selectively. 

If you don’t already have them, look for 3 people who are eager to grow, are teachable and have a heart for the next generation. Invest primarily in these 3 people. 

In a previous church, I invested in volunteer leaders each year and saw many of them become staff members