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Volunteers Read the Bible for 90 Hours Straight at the U.S. Capitol

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May 2nd was the last day of the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, which consists of volunteers reading the entire Bible in front of the nation’s Capitol Building without commentary for 90 hours straight.

“Because the Bible is at the heart of America’s founding principles, it should be voiced at the heart of our Federal Government, exhorting our nation to return to God’s precepts,” says the site’s home page.

About the Marathon

The Bible Reading Marathon was started in 1990 by Dr. John Hash and Dr. Corinthia Boone. It is now led by Keith Davidson, founder and director of Seedline International, a ministry that focuses on producing and distributing the Bible throughout the world. According to the Bible Reading Marathon’s website, there are volunteers scheduled for all 90 hours of the reading, but people who walk by are also welcome to read. The guidelines stipulate that readers need to be born-again Christians.

CBN reports that around 400 people have participated in the D.C. Bible Reading Marathon and that they can choose from over 100 Bibles, including translations in Farsi, Russian and Chinese. One lady even flew standby from Alabama just so she could read.

The reading is held on the west terrace of the Capitol steps, no matter what the weather is or what time of day or night. Davidson told Fox News, “The readers face west, proclaiming God’s Word across America! The Bible is read to proclaim the truth and call our nation back to its religious principles.” Several legislators have participated, including Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) of Texas.

National Day of Prayer

The Bible Reading Marathon concludes on the same day as the National Day of Prayer (NDOP), during which people will meet all across the United States, including at the Capitol Building, to pray for our country. The theme of this year’s NDOP is “Love One Another,” a phrase taken from John 13:34, where Jesus says, “Love one another, just as I have loved you.”

Dr. Ronnie Floyd, president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, told CBN he believes this theme is appropriate based on where our country is right now. He said, “We’re so divided. We don’t show respect for one another. We’re not treating people even close to the way Jesus would want to treat people and would want us to treat others. And we need to understand that love is the real Christian badge of discipleship.”

While Dr. Floyd believes we are in a “desperate situation,” he observes that “government cannot fix us, and politics cannot heal us.” What we need is a great move of God and for the church to “pray like it really matters. Pray like we really believe God. And,” he said, “let’s trust the Lord for the next great spiritual awakening in the United States. That’s what the greatest need is in America today.”

If you can’t attend a National Day of Prayer event near you, you can join online here.

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