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Franklin Graham on the Election Results: ‘Our Country Can’t Turn Its Back on God and Expect His Hand of Blessing To Continue’

Franklin Graham
Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, posted a comment regarding the results of Tuesday’s (Nov. 8) midterm elections.

Franklin Graham on the 2022 Midterms

Graham posted a quote from his father, Billy Graham, the morning of yesterday’s election that said, “Ask God to guide you as you vote—and then make the effort to get to the polls during this election. And once the election is over, pray for those who have been elected, that they may seek God’s will for our nation—and do it.”

Like his father before him, Graham is friends with many conservative politicians and isn’t afraid to speak out on political issues that affect the nation and the church.

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Almost 24 hours later, Franklin Graham offered some timely wisdom for Christians who follow him on social media. “Some people may be sad, some may be glad, and some may be mad about the election results. One thing’s for sure—our success as a nation depends on God,” Graham said.

“Our country can’t turn its back on God and expect His hand of blessing to continue,” Graham warned. “We need His help, protection, and favor. Whether or not you agree with the candidates who just won, we are to pray for them. The only hope for America is God.”

How Other Christian Leaders Reacted to the Election Results

Many other conservative Christian leaders have posted their opinions regarding yesterday’s election results. While the tallies of votes haven’t gone in many conservatives’ favor, a lot of Christian leaders have encouraged Christians to remember that their hope doesn’t come from political results, but in Jesus Christ alone. Here is what a few posted on their social media accounts.

Grace To You’s Darrel Harrison shared that he is glad the predicted Republican “red wave” didn’t come true, “Speaking for myself,” Harrison posted, “as a Christian conservative, I’m happy the Republican ‘red wave’ did not materialize. I say that because politics is too often viewed as a means of redeeming the culture, when the reality is the fundamental problem of culture is spiritual not political.”

Southern Baptist pastor Tom Buck (First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas), said, “I’m sick to my stomach to see how many in our country are committed to the culture of death. With this horrible economy, it should’ve been a red wave. But what matters most is keeping abortion proponents out of office! And that wasn’t a priority nationwide – even for Christians…Roe v Wade allowed many fake pro-life Christians to hide what they really believed. Those days are over!… Tragically, the red wave was the blood of innocent babies in many states.”

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