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Shane & Shane Fans Unhappy About Duo’s Event With Bethel Musicians

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The Christian music duo Shane & Shane is receiving pushback for an upcoming concert appearance with artists associated with Bethel Music. On Facebook this week, Shane & Shane shared news of an October 23 Worship Now event at Red Rocks amphitheater outside of Denver. Also performing that night are Phil Wickham, Brandon Lake, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson, and Jon Reddick.

Brian and Jenn Johnson are co-founders of Bethel Music, a ministry of the charismatic Bethel megachurch based in Redding, California. Brian Johnson’s parents, Bill and Beni Johnson, became pastors of Bethel in 1996, and some people label their teachings as heretical and even cult-like. Concerns about Bethel’s theology have migrated to Bethel Music artists and their worship songs.

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Fans of Shane & Shane Warn of Bethel’s ‘Dangerous Teachings’

Shane & Shane, who’ve performed praise and worship music together for more than 20 years, are getting an earful from fans on social media. Of the more than 1,000 reactions to their July 5 Facebook post, more than 600 are sad faces. Comments are overwhelmingly negative, with most people expressing disappointment that the duo is tying itself to the “dangerous teachings of Bethel.”

“I no longer feel safe recommending your music to others even with a [disclosure] that you have poor associations,” one person wrote. “I do pray that you all would consider the many responses on this post, and of course what the Bible has to say about partaking with false teachers, and repent.”

A church worship leader stated: “I have to put all your songs on hold. This is EXTREMELY disappointing. Do better. You lead everyone who still follows you into the fire.”

When someone expressed confusion, noting that each act on the concert lineup “is a Christian,” another person responded that Bethel Church “is full of unchristian teachings,” “leading people astray,” and “should be avoided.”

Theological criticisms of the nondenominational church, which split from the Assemblies of God in 2005, include its unorthodox teachings about angels and healing, its use of the controversial Passion Translation of the Bible, allegations of “grave sucking” or “grave soaking,” claims of supernatural signs, and the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Does a Concert Constitute a Partnership?

Shane & Shane are “not ‘partnering with Bethel,’” someone pointed out online. “It’s a concert being put [on] by a radio network. It’s not a conference.”

On Twitter, someone wrote, “While I am extremely disappointed to see Shane & Shane partner with the heretics at @bethelmusic, I am VERY encouraged at all the NEGATIVE comments on their Facebook post advertising the concert! People are waking up!!”