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Danica McKellar on Reading Through the Bible, the Lord’s Prayer and Where She Expects To Find Her Favorite Verse

Danica McKellar
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Danica McKellar talked about her faith journey, reading through the Bible, and what she finds intriguing about the Lord’s Prayer in a recent livestream on Instagram. “The Wonder Years” actor took questions from her followers and emphasized to them the importance of forgiveness. 

“Whether or not you are Christian or whatever your faith is or isn’t, I find something very interesting about the Lord’s Prayer,” said McKellar during the livestream. “There’s praise, there’s asking for things, and there’s one thing that we are going to do in return, and that one thing is that we have to forgive people who’ve done bad things to us.” 

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“It’s funny because in the entire prayer (and in the Bible it says that Jesus taught his disciples to pray this way),” McKellar continued, “one thing that we have to do to get all the things that we could possibly want from God is we have to forgive people who’ve been bad to us. And that’s like, one of the hardest things to do, right?”


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Danica McKellar Hangs Out With Her Followers

Danica McKellar is an author, mathematician and actor. In addition to appearing alongside Fred Savage in “The Wonder Years,” she has appeared in “The West Wing,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

In April 2022, McKellar revealed that she had come to trust in Jesus, and a turning point in her faith journey came when her “good friend,” Candace Cameron Bure, gave her a Bible and invited her to church. Bure is known for playing D.J. Tanner in “Full House,” and both Bure and McKellar recently left the Hallmark Channel for Great American Family. 

McKellar filmed her livestream from Pittsburgh, where she had been participating in Comic Con. She told viewers she would be attending 90s Con in Tampa, Florida, an event that is scheduled for Sept. 15-17. Other stars in attendance will include Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Dave Coulier

When one viewer asked McKellar for an update on her Bible reading, she said, “I’m reading the Bible all the way through this year. That is my goal and it’s happening.”

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“I also listen to the Bible on my phone. It’s so great. I do it when I’m putting my makeup on or folding laundry or whatever,” McKellar said. “So it happens. My life can’t get too busy to do it because I get to listen to it while I’m doing things that I would be doing anyway. And it’s just wonderful.”