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Charlie Kirk Tells Pastors TPUSA Faith’s No. 1 Mission: ‘Excommunicate Wokeism From the American Church as Quickly as Possible’

Charlie Kirk TPUSA Faith
Charlie Kirk speaking at TPUSA Faith's Pastors Summit. Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

Over 1,000 pastors and ministry leader from around the country came to together in San Diego this past Wednesday (Sept. 13) for the Turning Point USA Faith (TPUSA Faith) Pastors Summit.

Over the course of three days, pastors heard from speakers and subject matter experts, including Charlie KirkJohn CooperEric MetaxasJohn AmanchukwuJohn BevereSean Feucht, Ronnie Floyd, Victor Marx, Seth Gruber, Joshua BroomeLucas MilesShane Idleman, Victoria Robinson, Frank Turek, Jay Koopman, Bill Federer, Ché Ahn, Rob McCoy, and more.

TPUSA Faith’s goal for the Pastors Summit is to encourage and equip pastors to “stand for biblical truth.”

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The Pastors Summit in San Diego is TPUSA Faith’s second Pastors Summit of the year. The first was held in Nashville, Tennessee, in May. The summit draws pastors from all over the country across several denominational affiliations.

“We have five point Calvinists here and swinging from the chandelier Pentecostals,” Kirk said.

“We believe Jesus Christ is the king of the world. We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and the Nicene Creed,” Kirk told attendees. “Theological disputes and differences are fun, interesting, and important. But that’s not my calling.”

Kirk said the calling of TPUSA Faith “is to the strengthen the church, to fight for liberty, which is God’s idea, not man’s idea, in one of the most consequential times, not just for Western civilization, but for humanity.”

One California pastor, who was attending the event with his wife, told ChurchLeaders that he’s never been to a conference where pastors were so well cared for and appreciated. TPUSA Faith covered the cost of the first 1,000 pastors’ rooms at the Intercontinental in San Diego.

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“I love being exposed to the type of information that we need to be equipped to fight the spiritual battles we are seeing in our culture today and to go back to our cities and stand strong in the places God has called us,” a pastor from Chicago told ChurchLeaders.

A pastor’s wife from Illinois shared that being in a room filled with pastors from many different denominations was “beautiful.”