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Promise Keepers Announce First Arena Event Since 2021 Featuring Dr. Phil, Charlie Kirk, John Bevere, and John Amanchukwu

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Promise Keepers, an organization that launched in 1990 to challenge millions of men to be bold in their faith and live out biblical values, has announced its first arena event since 2021.

On Aug. 9-10, Promise Keepers will hold its “Daring Faith” event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Mabee Center, which is located on the campus of Oral Roberts University.

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Promise Keepers describes the event as a weekend “that will challenge you to take the first step towards a more courageous and bolder life, lived in Jesus.” The event will feature Dr. PhilJohn BevereCharlie KirkJohn Amanchukwu, Allen Jackson, and Promise Keepers’ new CEO Shane Winnings.

“12 men changed the world…what could 10,000 do,” the event’s advertisement states.


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In 2023, private Christian college Belmont University cancelled a Promise Keepers event on its campus in Nashville, Tennessee, after Promise Keepers released a statement taking a stand against Pride Month.

Winnings, an army veteran and former police officer who followed God’s call into full-time ministry, told ChurchLeaders that Promise Keepers has been “quiet for the last few years, but now we’re under new leadership and my plan is to begin doing regularly scheduled arena events again.” The new CEO said that the Tulsa event won’t be a “one off and then will disappear for three years.”

“We’re definitely back and we’re ready to be a household name again, and be gathering regularly,” Winnings added.

ChurchLeaders asked Winnings how Dr. Phil, who is best known for his long-running television series of the same name, came to be a part of the upcoming Promise Keepers’ event.

Dr. Phil will be part of a interview panel in Tulsa, Winnings said, adding, “It’s been interesting to watch his transformation of when he was kind of rolling with Oprah and in that sphere back in the day.”

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“He’s had Matt Walsh on his show. He was on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ and he was speaking out while he was on ‘The View,’” Winnings said. Dr. Phil recently spoke at Robert MorrisGateway Church, “which adds a lot of credibility.”